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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bid jobs?

We understand that your goal is to hire a company that can meet your requirements in a cost effective manner.  We start the process by meeting with you at your facility.  We will walk through the office with you as you show us what your facility needs.  The size of the building, foot traffic, cleaning tasks and cleaning frequency all play a role into how long it will take our crew to clean your facility.  Once we know how long it will take to clean our facility we will be able to provide you with a price.

My previous service provider offered me a very low price, can you match it?

Low cleaning prices are usually based on low and unrealistic cleaning times. Often times, contractors will bid as low as it takes to get the job and figure out how to make money later. They will usually start out strong, taking care of all of the details they promised you. After a few weeks or months go by, they go after their profit by cutting time from the cleaning staff so they can lower their labor costs. At that point the staff is forced to cut corners and the contractor hopes you won't notice. Nothing drastic happens when the crew skips out 30 minutes early one night, but give it a few months and soon you will be right back where you started with a dusty and unsanitary work environment.

We establish a realistic cleaning budget from the start and we monitor the time the crew works in your building every night. The crew is paid an hourly wage so if they skip out early, they will log less hours and see their check amount shrink. This provides incentive for the crew to work the time we initially budgeted. The electronic timekeeping system we use will also alert us of any discrepancies and we can send a manager to figure out whats going on.



What types of payment do you accept?

We accept checks and all major credit cards.

When is payment due?

To help us keep cost down, we collect payment when we complete the service. Checks can be made out to : " Elite Building Care, Inc " and may be handed to the employees in an envelope.

For regular - re-occuring accounts, we will send out an invoice at the end of the month which you have 30 days to pay with check or credit card.  If you do not pay within the 30 days, the we will require payment to continue the service.  We will also have to store your credit card information on file which we will automatically deduct after 30 days of the last invoice.