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About Elite Building Care inc.

We help building owners and facility managers maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Accurate Bidding and Fair Pricing

While there are many janitorial companies offering low ball prices, very few will consistently offer the attention to detail and customer service that you need.  We base our pricing on a variety of different factors including: frequency of service, traffic in cleanable areas and square footage.  We start by meeting with you and doing walk through of your building.   We then create an appropriate bid to get the job done RIGHT. While the price will not always be the lowest, we guarantee you that everything will be done exaclty the way you want.  Never again will you be embarrased when VIP's visit your office and you realize the cleaning crew didn't do what they were supposed to, or worse, didnt' show!

High Quality Staff and Low Turnover

It's no secret that a well paid and appreciated staff is going to perform better work than their counterparts.  At Elite Building Care, Inc. we combine strong leadership along with higher than average wages and quarterly performance bonuses to retain good people and ensure consistent performace.  The benefit for you that you will have the same team at your location for every service.  By staying consistent, we will be able to anticipate your needs and perform better quality work.

Accountabily & Management for Quality Control

  • Time Monitoring Systems
  • Weekly Inspections
  • Monthly Performance Reviews
  • Ongoing communication and follow up
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References Available

Through our years of working in the community, we have developed many succesful relationships.  Simply ask us and we will provide you with a list of clients for whom we have performed similar work for.